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Allen County Job and Family Services (ACJFS) administers state, federal and local programs designed to help those in need and help families work toward self-sufficiency. Today, the approximately 100 employees that work for the agency serve thousands of Allen County residents.

The department provides public assistance and workforce development programs to the community.  Among the department’s many duties include: adult protection, child care, workforce development, cash assistance, food assistance, social services, fraud/investigations and medical assistance.  Since 2018, ACJFS has been led by Agency Director Joe Patton. ACJFS is the second largest department within Allen County government and reports to the Board of Allen County Commissioners.

Our Mission

Allen County Job and Family Services, with support of regional employers, economic development and community partners, is committed to building a stronger community by promoting self-sufficiency. We are dedicated to assisting Allen County families and individuals achieve their highest level of stability and independence through career development and supportive services.

Our Vision

Like the pieces of a puzzle, every part of Allen County Job and Family Services plays a crucial role in the success of our mission and to ultimately assist in filling the workforce gap of Allen County and assist our clients to self sufficiency. No matter the division, unit or individual position, every employee is committed to the highest level of customer service to positively impact the communities we serve and ensure individuals and families find the resources needed to improve lives.



Joe Patton
Josh Parker
Assistant Director
Jacob Larger
Human Resources Administrator
Jessie Doyle
Job Center Administrator
Deana Basinger
Income Maintenance Administrator
Katie Metzger
Administrative Assistant

In the News

If you are a member of the media and would like to request an interview or need more information, please contact Katie Metzger at or 419.999.0234.

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